Nunatak Biotech

Shaping plant microbiomes for soil remediation

What we do

Nunatak Biotech

We provide nature-based solutions for environmental restoration.

Through the design of plant-microorganism associations,

we transform contaminated soil into vibrant, living soil.

This process not only increases biomass and biodiversity but also

enhances the soil’s overall value while effectively sequestering carbon.

Our Mision

Always with nature on our side

We aim to support companies in their operations in a sustainable manner, providing nature-based solutions for environmental care and sustainable development.

Our technology

Soil restoration


Our strenghts


Our microbes thrive amidst extreme conditions

Plant Microbiomes

Our shaped plant microbiomes create a versatile biological tool

Our collection

We possess an impressive collection of microorganisms


We rely on bioinformatics to craft strategic approaches


Nunatak contributes to carbon capture and reduction of emissions

Soil health and diversity

Our method recovers and enhances soil health and fertility